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Budwiser Creative X

Event Design (2023)

The event design for Budweiser Creative X Yearly Event revolves around the concept of "Be Crazy." The primary objective is to create a visually stunning and engaging environment that captures the essence of this theme. Typography takes center stage as a powerful design element, serving as the driving force behind the captivating visual experience.

To amplify the energy and excitement, the color red takes on a prominent role as the primary color scheme. The bold and dynamic nature of red creates an immersive ambiance that energizes attendees from the moment they step into the event space. Red hues can be found throughout the venue, seamlessly blending with other vibrant colors to create a visually striking environment.

One of the highlights of the event design is the typography installations strategically placed throughout the venue. These installations feature the event's slogan and serve as interactive elements that encourage audience participation. Attendees can physically interact with the typography, enhancing their overall engagement and creating memorable moments.